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Genesis Clinical Services

Through the work of the Mind & Spirit, The BODY can heal.

Therapy is no different than our regular medical check-ups. Life happens, and problems can occur in significant areas of one’s life such as love, and work.

These problems can spiral out of control causing long-term harm. We can help as you learn the necessary skills to change negative thoughts, and overcome your obstacles with the guidance of a Registered Psychotherapist. 

At Genesis Clinical Services our mission is to provide psychotherapy and counselling services for a wide range of issues. Audrey identifies and leverages your strengths from a wider point of view using a non-judgemental and empathic therapeutic approach. Services are offered to children, adolescents, couples and individuals.

Services we offer

We offer individual, couples, children and Youth as well as Christian counselling. My services also include counselling and supervision for clinicians. An additional service is resilience training…A resilient parent makes a resilient child.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is on a one-to-one basis . Individuals can feel relaxed and respected to proceed on his/her journey of letting go of the things with which they struggle.

Couples Therapy

Through couples therapy, the two of you will learn to see the roles you each play in the relationship. In this safe environment, you can Improve the lost intimate connection, foster communication, and strengthen your bond.

Children & Youth Therapy

Genesis Counselling works to find the best type of therapy, or combination of modalities that will address an adolescent and childs’ needs.

Christian Counseling

Transformation can occur by renewing your mind- let’s talk.

Burn Out

You can feel whole again, let’s talk about putting the pieces back together.

Resilience Training

You are stronger than you know-let’s discover together how you can strive, and thrive.

Friendly atmosphere for all
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HELP! My Child is being Bullied.

In my more than 25 years of practice I’ve worked in group homes, child protection and private practice and have seen bullying in various forms, it is more nuanced than black or white. This course will help parents , caregivers and teachers have a clearer understanding of bullying and the various options that can help reduce bullying. This is less theory and more practical and usable.

Take advantage of our 50% off offer and register today

Click on the link and get started right away. As you (and your child) navigate through this course you will gain a greater understanding of bullying.

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