A more Nuanced Approach to Bullying

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Bullying is not as simple as we think,

We are all capable of bullying,

Bullying can stop.

Help! My Child is
being Bullied

Children as young as 4 years old understand that they can ostracize another based on certain attributes. This course is twofold, helping the bullying child understand why they bully, and helping to strengthen the bullied child to become more resilient. 


Through a series of presentations, quizzes and participatory information , children will learn about bullying and how to fortify themselves against bullying.

To educate and help caregivers

Identify the four kinds of bullying

Understand how a bully is created

Handle crises effectively and quickly

Learn interventions that can help stop or reduce bullying

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We can end Bullying

Over the course of a career, Audrey has helped many children and adults manage the issues involved in bullying from a variety of perspectives.

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