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Individual Therapy

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The common
goal of therapy
is to inspire change and/or improve the quality of life for the individual.

Individual Counselling can be beneficial for any aspect of your life that leaves you feeling dissatisfied. Through counselling, the individual can proceed on his/her journey of letting go of the things that have a strong hold on them. Counselling can improve your self-esteem, relieve anxiety and provide help with depression, life goals, and grief.

When is it time to seek help?

If you feel an issue is causing you distress or is interfering with your daily life, this could be time to seek therapy. Distress and negative thoughts, or behaviours can heavily impact pain or fatigue. If you have experienced a significant shift in your life such as loss, or change in employment status, or experienced a traumatic event, psychotherapy can help you identify and find ways to feel more in control.

Therapy is not magic, the process requires the individual look back at their past in order to understand where they are.  This process also allows individuals to gain insight into their behaviour. Therapy  can help treat MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, AND BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES such as:





Family issues

& Many more

You are genuine, you are real!

Your past does not determine your present or your future, you can rewrite the script: Let me help.

Talk Therapy treats not just the fruits, but also the roots of the problem

Talk therapy addresses the symptoms as well as the causes of emotional distress, it treats the fruits and the root causes freeing individuals from the past. It helps to create a coherent story and will lead to more positive gains over time. I’ve seen the positive effects in the lives of many individuals .

My bag of tricks

In the time that I have worked in the field I have learned a variety of skills that I use in my practice. Once I gather background information and goals are set, the right kind of modality is selected to meet the needs of the client, modalities listed are not exhaustive.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Reality therapy

Resilience Training

Play therapy

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