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Genesis Clinical Services

Through the work of the Mind & Spirit, the BODY can heal

Welcome to Genesis Clinical Services

Therapy is no different than our regular medical check-ups, or changing our oil in ones’ car engines. Life happens, and problems can occur in significant areas of one’s life such as love, and work. These problems can spiral out of control causing long-term harm.

At Genesis Clinical Services Audrey, the lead therapist, provide psychotherapy and counselling services for a wide range of issues. Audrey identifies and leverages your strengths from a wider point of view using a non-judgemental and empathic therapeutic approach. Services are offered to children, adolescents, couples and individuals.

Genesis Clinical Services can help as you learn the necessary skills to change negative thoughts, as you Overcome your obstacles with the guidance of a Registered Psychotherapist.

Therapy for Children & Youth

Genesis Counselling works to find the best type of therapy, or combination of modalities that will address an adolescent and child’s needs.

Therapy for Individual

Individual therapy is a one-to-one basis. Individual can feel relaxed and respected to proceed on his/her journey of letting go of the things with which they struggle.

Therapy for Couples

Through couples therapy, the two of you will learn to see the roles you each play in the relationship. Improve the lost intimate connection and foster improved communication. These sessions will provide an environment which will help strengthen your bond.

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If you are ready to take control of your life, contact me for a 10 min consultation.

Christian Counseling

Yes! Grace forgive sins and “love can cover a multitude of sins”, but there are learned behaviours that we have to understand and also unlearn. The scriptures say that “fathers eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. At the simplest this means that children are affected by their parent’s behaviors. Learned behaviors can be unlearned.

Pieces Of You

You believe that you’ve ruined your health and are completely exhausted through overwork. At first you had incredible job satisfaction, you were creative and happy, but over time things started to change. You’ve become less excited about work, lacked the ability to focus and productivity fell; this is the onset of stress. Fatigue, avoidance and anxiety is the norm for you.

Resilience Training

Resilience is the quality of recovering quickly from failure and adversity, and not only returning to the status quo but actually using the opportunity to grow and further your personal development. Resilience is not the absence of stress or trauma. It is working through the stress+trauma. We learn to be resilient.