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A more nuanced approach to Bullying


  • To educate and help caregivers:
  • Identify the four kinds of bullying.
  • Understand how a bully is created
  • Handle crises effectively and quickly.
  • Learn interventions that can help stop or reduce bullying.
  • Assess whether the adults have contributed to the creation
  • of a vulnerable child.


I am a registered psychotherapist in private practice . In the past I have managed treatment/group homes, taught at the college level in the CYW Program, worked and managed in Child Protection and have developed courses to help clients.

My experience consists of more than 25 years in working with clients to achieve extraordinary results in dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, relationship and other issues so they can lead enjoyable lives.

Pre course Preview

The purpose of the Pre-Assignment is to get you thinking about the bullying in school or the workplace.

Questions to think about

Are you or your child being bullied?
Is your child a bully?
What kind of bullying are you dealing with?
Do you want the bullying to end?
If you can come away from this course with only one thing, what would that be?