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    How do you know that you’re burnt out and that you’ve given enough of yourself?

    You believe that you’ve ruined your health and are completely exhausted through overwork. At first you had incredible job satisfaction, you were creative and happy, but over time things started to change. You’ve become less excited about work, lacked the ability to focus and productivity fell; this is the onset of stress. Fatigue, avoidance and anxiety is the norm for you.

    You then started losing interest in hobbies, missing deadlines, started to be repeatedly late because you just can’t get out of bed in the mornings. You feel like you want to drop out of society, you feel depressed, and want to escape. You’ve lost interest in friends and family and generally feel empty. It’s happened, you are completely burnt out; you’ve given more of yoursef, and are left with a piece of you, it’s time to be replenished. Let’s talk.